Metal surface finishing

Metal can be finished manually, mechanically or automatically. The chosen treatment method depends on the product and its requirements.

We treat HST, RST, Ti, CU, AL, and MS materials.

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Manual finishing of metal surfaces

Manual processes have been one of our strengths in surface finishing.

Our grinding procedures cover everything from small casts to items weighing tonnes.

We manually grind, pickle, brush and polish equipment, including paper and pulp-making machinery, pulp pumps, internal surfaces and processing pipeline components, food and pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical containers, pumps, fans and turbines as well as turbine blades and propellers.

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Automated finishing of metal surfaces

Mechanised surface finishing combines the professional skills of the grinder with the power of the machine, making for a highly effective combination.

We offer a wide range of mechanised surface finishing services to our customers in various industries.

Automatic grinding, brushing and polishing enhance the efficiency and quality of various products.

Automation allows us to increase cost efficiencies for large batches.


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