We have completed the first phase of works on the new production complex for Solina, Europe’s leading seasoning blend manufacturer, which will be finished in Laagri this summer.

We designed, manufactured and installed work platforms and inter-floor staircases with railings for 5 production zones. The work will continue until August, with the production and installation of equipment for four more production zones still to be completed. In addition to furnishing the production premises, we are also manufacturing components for production equipment for the Solina factory.

The new A-energy class building with over 15,000 square metres, which includes a solar park, is being built in Gate Tallinn Technopark in Laagri, Saue. It will house Solina’s new office, production unit, product development laboratory and warehouse. The total investment for Solina’s new production complex amounts to 27 million euros, and it will employ 110 people.

Solina Estonia/Saue Production OÜ is part of the international food industry group Solina Group. Solina is an international food industry group operating in 75 countries and producing seasoning blends in 39 factories worldwide for globally renowned brands such as McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell, employing more than 3600 people. In 2023, Solina Group’s turnover was approximately 1.5 billion euros. The primary partners of Solina’s production unit in Estonia are the largest food industries in the Nordic countries, with over 90% of production being exported.

For more information, visit: ee.solina.com


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