Who is Steelhouse Group Estonia OÜ CEO Valmar Kask?

What is your experience in the field of metalworking?

I started over 16 years ago and have worked as a powder coater, metal grinder, welder and machine operator. I also have experience in nesting and project design.

In addition to managing the company, I also join in every day on the work in the production hall and am happy to wear overalls instead of a suit.

What kind of challenges do you like?

I enjoy welding complex designs from non-ferrous metals. I especially like it if a design is considered to be impossible to make – it’s so satisfying when you grab a TIG tool and start welding and eventually the job gets done. For all the prototypes, I try to do the welding and assembly myself first and then teach the team.

What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part is assembling a team and working with people. It’s very difficult to find people who are passionate about their work. Often, even a substantial salary isn’t motivating if one’s heart isn’t in the work. There’s also a shortage of young people interested in learning to create things with their own hands. Everybody wants to be either an investor or an influencer.

What brings you joy in your job?

It’s definitely great whenever we have successfully completed a new and complex project and the client takes a look at their order and they’re happy with it. It’s also great when clients say that they received beautiful and high-quality work from Steelhouse.

What services do you feel you still need and where could the company expand?

In the future, we definitely want to add a CNC tube bending machine and a wire rod robot to complete our already wide range of services.

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